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Many thanks to The Rockford Inn at Rockford for facilitating this camera's location and to the Westcountry Rivers Trust for capitally funding its installation. This camera is located on their terrace over looking the East Lyn River. The Upper East Lyn starts at Malmsmead (formed by two minor tributaries, the Oare Water and Badgeworthy Water) it then flows for several miles, past Brendon and makes confluence with Hoar Oak Water at Watersmeet, where Watersmeet House is located. Continuing on, the river is squeezed between a narrow gorge section, upon exit follows on for another 2.5 miles until the river meets with the West Lyn River and flows into the Bristol Channel at Lynmouth.Chalk Water, Weir Water, Oare Water, Badgeworthy Water - these are the streams that tumble down from the romantic Doone Country of Exmoor and join to form the East Lyn, which cascades through the spectacular wooded ravine of the National Trust's Watersmeet Estate.