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Many thanks to The Arundell Arms Hotel for facilitating this camera's location and to the Westcountry Rivers Trust for capitally funding its installation. The Arundell Arms Hotel was recently voted No1 Best Fishing School in the UK by The Field Magazine, The Arundell Arms Hotel has been one of England's premier fishing hotels for more than half a century and has 20 miles of its own water on the Tamar and six of its tributaries. The Lyd is a river rising at Lyd Head (Corn Ridge in NW Dartmoor) in the Dartmoor national park in Devon in south-west England and flowing into the River Tamar beyond Lifton. Lydford Gorge is a dramatic feature of the river at Lydford on the edge of the National Park; it is a 1.5-mile-long gorge near Lydford on the River Lyd, which is the deepest in South West England. It was formed by the process of river capture, where the start of a nearby river eroded backwards until its origin intersected with the Lyd diverting its course into the second channel.