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Many thanks to The Teviot Game Fair Smokery and Water Gardens for facilitating this camera's location and to Tweed Rivers Fisheries Association for capitally funding its installation. The River Teviot is a river of the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, and a tributary of the River Tweed. It rises in the western foothills of Comb Hill on the border of Dumfries and Galloway. It flows north-eastwards through Teviotdale and past Teviothead, the Colterscleuch Monument, Broadhaugh, Branxholme and Branxholme Castle. The Teviot passes through Hawick and Lanton, the Timpendean Tower and the town of Ancrum, Harestanes and Monteviot, Nisbet and Roxburgh, before joining the River Tweed to the southwest of Kelso. You can see Kalemouth, Suspension bridge of chain-link type is 180 feet long. 16 feet wide. Iron rod suspenders,alternately fastened to centres of chain-links. Wooden deck.Wooden railings. Two stone pylons at each end; defaed panels on eastern ones. Built c.1830.